“The Legend of Swing Show” was written and produced by entertainer Paul-Hayden of the British Rat Pack.

This is an original concept that takes the audience on a journey far beyond that of any tribute performances. “Swing music has evolved and continues to do so”. This is why we uniquely chart all eras from its humble beginnings to current day”.

“A show like no other” We have pulled together the very best the United Kingdom has to offer. A fantastic carefully selected vocal cast supported by the best orchestration and often with a true legend in Ian Gomes of The Ritz in London who Frank Sinatra personally chose as his pianist to play for him private.

The show begins vocally at the legendary Crossroads with “Hush”.

Myth and legend has it that in the 1920’s a non talented guitarist by the name of Robert Johnson went on down to the Crossroads and sold his soul for musical talent. His guitar playing became legendary and is synonymous to “The birth of the blues”. Sammy Davies Jr.

Swing was born asBlues and Jazz musicians began jamming in the smoke filled bars and nightclubs creating new forms of avant-garde music. Swing musicians often refer back to its inception being down to “The birth of the blues”.

The second half of the show opens with The Legend of Swing Orchestra playing Sing Sing and Glenn Miller. Ian Gomes often performs solo and with the Legend of Swing orchestra… On these occasions Paul-Hayden, George Anthony, Joe Corrigan and Val Kelly join Ian for an incredible and intimate show case before taking things to a huge swing climax.

“The Legend of Swing” is inspired by; Billie Holliday, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Natalie Cole,  Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin as well as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davies jr., who are acclaimed for swing music’s greatest hey days in Las Vegas as “The Rat Pack”.  The music does not stop here; as the show continues with a stream of swing chart smashes into this year made popular by Michael Bublé and Christina Aguilera’s Glenn Miller style hits…

A breath of fresh air. “This show has all the right ingredients”.

The Premier performance below received a standing ovation over the last two songs and reprise. A first in our book! (see news link http://www.legendofswing.com/news/ ) email 1@britishratpack.com