Paul-Hayden is a principle singer and orchestrator of “The Legend of Swing” and the British Rat Pack. He is renouned as one of the finest swing vocal entertainers in the United Kingdom. Entertainment extends generations in his family.

Like Nat King Cole, Paul-Hayden entered the world of music as an instrumentalist loveing anything from Mozart to Hendrix.

Currently the Blues has delivered Paul into Swing Music, Big Bands and providence.

Working collaborations, live music, studio sessions, history, Paul is Faceted.

Paul-Hayden’s voice is his own though he is often complimented and compared with some of those golden voiced swing legends.  He is a charming experienced live entertainer with a clean, sharp presentation. He also has a vocal warmth that is very uplifting.

Paul-Hayden has earned great respect in the musical community while having worked with many name artists. He has headlined in theatres and five star venues in the United Kingdom, Europe and overseas.

Paul-Hayden loves the magic in singing. And the excitement of the live stage.

Show Producer Paul Hayden has performed with and for, Frank Carson, Cannon & Ball, Joe Longthone to name but a few. Paul was a blues guitarist and studio musical production assistant who worked on live and varied sessions that included Paul Young long before he became famous, Paul has also worked in stage production building sets for Eric Clapton, Iron Maiden and chatted in person with Kylie Minogue, Aswad and Ian Dury… In Dubai Paul turned down royalty and a $seven digit sum to remain as the resident Entertainer at the 5 star “Le Classic” restaurant. Paul returned to the UK where as a successful soloist his vision was to create the “British Rat Pack” and “Legend of Swing” Shows. He was blown away and amazed when Ian Gomes of “The Ritz” agreed to perform live for the first time on the big stage with a big band while introducing the fabulous vocal cast in The Legend of Swing show.

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