Ian Gomes

Ian Gomes has performed for the Queen, The Queen mother, Three American Presidents, the Legendary Frank Sinatra, The Ritz and countless celebrities.

Visit Ian’s website at http://www.iangomes.com

The son of a very celebrated concert violinist and conductor Ian’s love for music was inherent and developed along with the piano as a child. His style is his own, playing as if with a voice or many voices. He is a “Solo” pianist of the highest standard.

For the past seventeen years Ian Gomes has been and is the resident pianist at “The Ritz” in London playing in both The Palm Court and The Ritz Restaurant.

At the Ritz his music flows from “Stardust” to “Autumn Leaves” and is filled with incredibly lush arpeggio arrangements.

Ian plays past and current melodies from across the globe. His repertoire includes “Dining at The Ritz”. (Which comes very highly recommended!).

Ian Gomes, The Ritz.

Ian played for Frank Sinatra for a period of eleven years. He entertained Mr Sinatra and his many Hollywood friends in private after shows while on tour. He was “Frank Sinatra’s personal pianist”.

“I enjoyed many moments with Frank Sinatra on his own and with his guests who would sometimes join in with me to sing”.  “This was a golden era”.

The Legend of Swing show has brought the amazing Ian Gomes to The Stage for the 1st time. His amazing music career has overflowed into another dimension playing to the masses alongside these fabulous entertainers and orchestra.

“Ian Gomes is an Entertainers Entertainer”.

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Ian is a employed by The Ritz in London.

Outside The Ritz, Ian performed with the Legend of Swing and also with the British Rat Pack as our special guest.

email 1@britishratpack.com

More information on Ian Gomes and the British Rat Pack can be seen at http://www.britishratpack.com 



8 thoughts on “Ian Gomes

  1. Ian, we met you at The Ritz yesterday while celebrating our wedding. You were amazing! Listening to you play so beautifully made our day! Thank you so much for the personal CD you gave us, it will always bring back wonderful memories!! Love Chris, Heidi, Louis, Poppy & Maisie Allen x

  2. Ian, you made my 60 th Birtday celebrations really special last Friday. We were having a James Bond day so the collection of Bond songs you played helped make the occasion very memorable. I am listening to your Stardust CD at this moment which together with the signed card I will treasure. The Ritz is special but your music makes it so magical. Graham (Carole & Jenny)

  3. Dear Ian
    It was an absolute honour and pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife Zoe this weekend and if I can be of any assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact me.

  4. Ian, my mother and I had a very enjoyable time yesterday enhanced greatly by your facinating stories and very kind gesture in giving mum your personal cd’s. I know your piano playing surpassed the scones in mum’s eyes and we look forwards to returning at some time in the future. Simon & June Banks

  5. Hi Ian,

    Friday, July 19, 2013
    I’m actually listening “Savoy Time “which was my first encounter with your music when I was visiting London back in 1998. I was staying at the Savoy.

    And then, few years after, I took my wife with me and you had moved to the Ritz. I still listen to your Cd “Stardust” which you gratefully dedicated to Suzanne and myself. Very nice memories. Richard

  6. Hello Ian, after staying at the Ritz in July and bringing my aunts in Oct, we just loved listening to you whilst we had Afternoon Tea. My aunt was in raptures when you played many a song by Ivor Norvello, we met you when we had finished tea and you gave my aunt a C.D. We had the most memorable day and it was topped by meeting you!! Sooooo, im in the process of organising to come and see you very soonxxxxx ( only because we have almost worn the C.D out!!!!!xxxxx

  7. Ian, my husband and I met you about 15 years ago at the Ritz. You had given me some personal pictures, I had them for a long time and had a friend take them to the Ritz for you. I hope you received them. Please let me know. Love, Maryann & Tom Bubonic

  8. Hi Ian, It was so lovely to meet you and your beautiful wife Zoe at the wedding yesterday. You are both such lovely people who’s company was wonderful. You truly made my life playing Tammy at the ceremony and throughout the meal. I will treasure the video I have recorded forever . Thank you and much love to you both. Tammy Garland x

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